Investment Management

Investment ManagementEllis Wealth Advisors, LLC helps you articulate what you want out of life. Then we guide you in adopting a sensible investment strategy to pursue it, with investment portfolio management services based on your unique goals, objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance. Critical components include:

  • Your Investment Policy Statement
  • Our recommended investment strategy
  • Your goals and risk tolerance reflected in recommended asset allocations
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustments as needed to remain on target

Investment Solutions

To implement our strategy, we feel that evidence-based low cost passive funds and ETFs can be expected to capture available market returns more consistently and cost-effectively than the majority of actively managed funds and professional money managers who seek to pick from individual securities. We concentrate our expertise on developing the proper, globally diversified mix of these types of low-cost solutions, with an emphasis on guiding you to stay the course when markets inevitably turn volatile. As your needs warrant, we may allocate a smaller portion of actively managed mutual funds and individual securities to meet particular goals. In these instances, we prefer managers who espouse a valuation approach with a patient, long term outlook, like the type espoused by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham.

With a business model for serving your highest financial interests and accepting no commissions or compensation from outside sources, we are free to form any alliance that makes good sense for your needs. We have invesments utilizing over 30 different fund companies reflecting our "best in class" philosophy and to effectively meet each client's unique needs. Among our independent relationships, we are proud to be among a select group of advisors with access to Dimensional Fund Advisors funds, offering smart, passively managed, institutional-level investment solutions to individual investors.

Investment Strategy

If the only kind of investing you’ve ever experienced involves chasing market returns or guessing at the next hot buys and cold sells, you’re in for a refreshing change. At Ellis Wealth, we heed the compelling academic evidence that active stock picking or market timing efforts have little to do with performance. Instead, remaining invested in appropriate levels of market risk, balanced by stabilizing fixed income, helps you capture long-term market returns in accordance with your distinct investment plan. By incurring as little cost as possible along the way, we believe you stand the best chance of staying on track with your goals. As the above Behavior Gap sketch illustrates and backed by empirical results, most investors have significantly underperformed the funds and markets they invest in. They have consistently poorly timed the markets and the funds they invest in. They tend to buy low and sell high acting on their emmotions and chasing performance.  Individual investors also are paying too much in unnecessary fees. We help clients reduce this behavior gap and make sure they are getting the best value for the fees they pay.