Financial Planning

bg5It’s never too late — or too early — to form a plan. Of course life doesn’t always play along, but with no guiding light, how do you know whether you’re approximately on course or whether it may be time to make important adjustments? Whether you seek a comprehensive financial plan or you want to address particular goals, Ellis Wealth Advisors, LLC has the process, expertise, alliances and solutions to guide you.

Comprehensive Financial Plans

Our comprehensive plans begin with an initial, no-obligation consultation. Should you decide to proceed, we gather key financial paperwork from you and explore your goals and objectives in more detail. Information-gathering is followed by careful analysis and continued strategizing. Finally, we present you with a comprehensive, written plan to guide you in achieving your financial goals through successful management of your assets, liabilities and income. Our comprehensive plans come in two flexible formats:

  • Individual Plans — For a single individual and his or her dependents, typically 10-20 hours.

  • Family Plans — For couples (including non-traditional relationships) and their dependents, typically 15-25 hours.

Portfolio Analysis/Investment Plan

Bundled into your Comprehensive Financial Plan or available as a separate service (typically 6-8 hours), our portfolio analysis/investment plan services include:

  • Evaluating current assets

  • Analyzing risk and return potential, expenses and suitability

  • Reviewing investment assets held in personal accounts and in vehicles such as employer 401(k) or 529 college funding plans; providing recommendations

  • Developing asset allocation models tailored to your specific wealth accumulation, cash flow and time table needs

You can then use our Investment Management services to implement and maintain your plan, or you can take your plan elsewhere for execution.

Targeted Plans

To help you achieve particular goals, we offer targeted financial planning in these key areas:

  • Education — Helping parents form education funding plans focused on maximizing asset accumulation according to risk tolerance levels, increasing education expenses, expected college expenses and tax laws.

  • Retirement — Helping you plan for sufficient financial security to live your desired lifestyle without the need for employment income. We advise on asset accumulation steps, factoring in risk tolerance, taxes, retirement plan options, inflation and investment options.

  • Estate — Helping you plan for accumulation, conservation and transfer of wealth and responsibilities considering legal, tax and personal objectives. Wealth transfer includes fulfilment of property transfer wishes, minimizing taxes and costs, and creating necessary liquidity. Additional planning includes preparing medical directives, guardianships and related responsibilities.

  • Tax — Although we do not provide tax advice and are not tax advisors, we incorporate tax management strategies within our financial plans and wealth management, including maximizing for after-tax returns and cash flow.

  • Insurance — To prevent your plans for financial independence from being derailed, it’s important to manage for unexpected risks. We provide objective advice on insurance options and can refer you to appropriate specialists for implementation.


We typically calculate our financial planning services at $200/hour. The efficiencies built into our fixed-rate plans (above) help us provide, cost-effective, comprehensive care. At an initial consultation, we will provide you with estimated pricing depending on the complexity of your planning needs. Your costs will not exceed our estimate, and if we complete the work faster than expected, your charge will be reduced accordingly.