Financial Planning Process




Build the Relationship

Every financial plan begins with people. Establishing your and our roles and expectations is (or should be) a critical initial step. That way, important issues such as communication preferences and cost expectations aren’t overlooked as we build our foundation.

Gather the Information

To evaluate your financial needs, we must learn as much as possible about your personal circumstances. Determining your financial status, personal and financial goals, relationships, plans and priorities forms the backbone of your financial future.

Analyze and Assess

We take all of the information you provide and analyze the steps toward your financial goals. We look at debt ratios, asset levels, investment allocations, risk tolerance levels, insurance, estate planning and other data to form a comprehensive financial plan.

Develop and Recommend

Next, we develop and recommend action steps to help you meet your specified goals, including financial planning options and appropriate investment policies.


Once we have agreed upon the necessary steps toward meeting your financial goals, we can help you implement them. We provide a list of action steps we both will need to take, clarify responsibilities and bring in key professional alliances and solution providers.


Of course, by definition, implementation is only the beginning. We’ve found that success also depends on continued monitoring as changes in market conditions and your own personal circumstances may otherwise knock you off-course. Regular, timely communication and plan adjustments as warranted are key to expecting successful long-term outcomes.


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