Our Process

bg3Before we offer any advice, we listen … to you. Because we can’t offer personalized advice in a vacuum, we first want to learn your goals, your relationships and your circumstances. That way, we can align our services with your needs.

Investment Management

As with all of our services, our Investment Management approach begins with the premise that keeping your costs to a minimum is key to a satisfying investment experience. After all, real wealth is what you can spend after you’ve paid your way.

Still, the markets can be a daunting place to go it alone. At Ellis Wealth we earn our keep by building and managing your tailored portfolio to minimize wasted costs and efforts and maximize the risk-adjusted market returns that make sense for your financial goals.

Because trading is expensive, we typically recommend you adopt a long-term, patient outlook to your investing. We use low-cost funds (tax-efficient within taxable accounts), ETFs and other evidence-based  managed solutions to help you build a globally diversified portfolio for staying the course. In particular instances when the added expenses seem justified, we may include actively managed mutual funds, individual securities or alternative investments.

Financial Planning

If your circumstances warrant it, we invite you to participate in the Ellis Wealth Financial Planning Process.

We can apply our Financial Planning Process to a variety of Financial Plans within your overall wealth strategy, including overall planning as well as targeted education, retirement, estate, tax, insurance and investment planning.

Objective Advice

Sometimes, a little objective advice can go a long way. Ellis Wealth also is available for Investment Advisory and Financial Consulting engagements, to help you address minimal or specialized investment or financial challenges.