Our Fees

Costs Matter

Ellis Wealth Advisors, LLC considers fee-only pricing and cost control as key to successful wealth building, whether you are an everyday Joe the Plumber or billionaire Warren Buffett. In fact, Buffett himself said, “Investors should remember that excitement and expenses are their enemies.”

However, investors who go it alone can easily cost themselves more than the price of sound advice. Individual uncertainty or overconfidence can quickly lead to poor (and expensive!) decisions in an unforgiving market.

Ellis Wealth offers good, solid advice worth every penny you’ve spent on it.

Ellis Wealth Fees

  • Investment management annual fees range from 0.8 percent (for assets under $500,000) to 0.5 percent (for assets over $2 million) of assets under management, with considerations for particular circumstances. Unlike many advisors, we currently have no minimums.
  • Investment advisory annual fees are 0.25 percent of assets under advisement.
  • Financial consulting is available à la carte for $200/hour.
  • Financial planning is negotiated based on particular needs but is expected to be priced at less than our à la carte hourly consulting fee.

Ellis Wealth Is Fee-Only

"Fee-only" means that we receive no compensation other than your fees. That’s it. Amidst the confusing array of compensation arrangements available in the financial industry today, we feel fee-only makes the most sense:

  • It’s simple and transparent. You know exactly what your spending and what you’re receiving in exchange.
  • It best aligns our interests with yours. By accepting no commissions or other payments from outside sources, you are our only client.
  • It helps us remain objective. Because we have no incentives to recommend one product, strategy or allocation over another, we can focus all of our efforts on safeguarding your best interests.